Extra Copies

On the very first day of Spiritual Formations class, it was imparted to the students that “we’ve got these excuses at the surface level and deeper in that we use to avoid being in relation with God. But the invitation is always open. Spiritual Formation is about loving first. It’s about appreciating.”

That’s why you do not take back your invitations to be in relation with people. You are supposed to leave the invitation open, even after the D&D man leaves you feeling dejected. It is not about expectation; it is about appreciating and loving. It would be a cop out to say, “well I got rejected this one time, so I am not going to waste my time and energy again.” This is not a justification for keeping back your invites. You have been rejected and you will probably be rejected again in the future, but you must not give up. In the ministry of connecting, we must leave the invitation open. Even after someone has shredded it up and thrown it in the garbage, we must have an infinite amount of extra copies. Just in case.

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